Shri Om Sai


An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Institute     Authorised training Centre of Bharat SewakSamaj, Chennai             Corporate Member of National Safety Council, Mumbai

Attendance & Tardiness :Students are expected to attend all classes attendance must be 80%. Failure to appear in class for a scheduled activity will be considered an absence, unless prior permission is received from the instructor. For any absence to be excused, it must be accompanied by written description of extenuating circumstances, For a certification course, students must attend all classes to obtain certification. Students must adhere to class schedules. Students are required to be punctual for all classes and class activities. Classes with begin promptly at the scheduled time unless specific instructions are given otherwise.

Rules & Regulations :
1. Student will have to pay the charges for replacement or repair of the college property, lost or damage by them through carelessness or improper use.

2. No students are allowed to participated in any political or social activities otherwise the student will be liable to be expelled from college.

3. Student must pay the fees regularly & in time or he will have to pay late fees with fine.

Library : Institute provides adequate library facilities to the students. Selected books are available for course. Its the duty of every students to care for books or in case of loss/damage of books. The concerned students has to pay the cost of book plus penalty.

Fee : Safety Engineers & Environment Engineers. The members body has designed the Fees structure in consultation with Mr. Yogendra Solanki, Hon. Advisor & Mr. Ajay Foujdar at nominal fees compared to other institution. we provide the same fees education some certification at an very low cost which is affordable to any common man " To serve to save society".

Academic misconduct: Academic misconduct or dishonesty such as cheating and plagiarism is not permitted in class. Suspected cases of academic misconduct will be reported to the Executive Director. Conduct detrimental to the fire service on or off campus will not be tolerated. We will investigate any- complaints. and if the complaint is valid the student will be dismissed and his/her parents/guardians will be notified.

Grading : Letter grades are assigned according to the following system for all certification courses for which students have registered.

Merit Excellent (75-90) Distinction Good (55-75) First class (40-45) Average (30-35)

Satisfactory grades for certification are A, B or C, A mark is assigned for course work performed as an audit.

Note : All disputes are subject to Bharatpur Jurisdiction No admission will be given out of the rules of the Management. Decision of the Management about the course and discipline will be final and applicable to each student. The number of seats and course are designed according to the coaching facilities available at our institute. Students / Guardians will also be found by other terms and conditions of the institution imposed from time to time.